Fully flexible user interface

We're living in a mobile driven world, and there's nothing worse than a website that is difficult to use on mobile. That's why we make user friendly, responsive websites for both PC and mobile.

Social media made even easier

The objective of enterprise social media(SM) is to allow businesses to accomplish their goals more efficiently and effectively in terms of marketing, innovation and strategy.

The use of SM in Irish Enterprises increased from 48% in 2013 to 61% in 2014. Social Media can be a challeneg to many in enterprise. That's why we work with a SM Expert, Carla Reynolds who will make sure you can use it to your advantage!

5 Reasons
Why You Should Choose 3Bit Designs


3Bit is comprised of a small team that is dedicated to ensuring our clients get exactly what they want. We are always only a phone call away and we meet every client face-to-face before we start designing.


Nobody likes comlicated websites. That's why we focus on developing a simple, easily maintained and easy to use product for all of our clients.


We tailor the design of your website to your exact specifications, and our team will help guide you towards a beautiful and clean product that works for you.


Whether it be the admin panel of your website or your users' experience, we keep things easy, so nobody will ever have a problem using your website.


We know social media can be a challenge, especially to those who don't use it personally. That's why we work with a social media expert who will provide guidance on how you can use it perfectly to your advantage.


Your expereince with 3bit doesn't end after your website is finished. We offer support to all of our customers, always.