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How To Apply Your Sticker or Decal:

Most car stickers are applied incorrectly, which leads to stickers been unusable and a waste of money. Below is a quick applying guide to help our customers in applying our products for the best results possible.

Step One: Recieve Your Sticker:

When you receive your sticker it will be covered in a semi-transparent application tape it will also be on a piece of backing paper

Step Two:Clean the Surface:

When you are ready to put your sticker on the surface you wish to place it on, you must first ensure the surface is completely clean and dry. When using decals in cars insure that the surface is free from wax and polish, as the sticker will not stick correctly.

Step Three: Remove Backing Paper:

The next step in applying the sticker is to remove the backing paper by lifting the sticker and application tape away from it. If any letter does not lift rub over application tape again until it has stuck to it correctly.

Step Four: Place Onto Surface:

Hold each side of the sticker, press down in centre and gently rub hand from left to right to achieve no air bubbles

Step Five: Apply Sticker:

Using a cloth, credit card or rubber squeegee rub the sticker hard down onto the surface. Starting in the middle, apply pressure to the sticker. This will help reduce air bubbles.

Step Six: Remove Application Tape:

Once the pieces are secured too selected surface it is now time to remove the application tape. Start by peeling on one corner, if any letter stays attached to the application tape; rub over application tape with selected item from step 5 until it is no longer attached to the tape

Step Seven: Admire:

You are now finished and can admire you sticker